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August 2021

Our rejuvenating treatments at Tidepools Spa & Wellness are inspired by the natural beauty of our surroundings on the Oregon Coast and feature potent therapeutic herbal remedies and botanical blends. Our diverse team of talented therapists and estheticians employ numerous modalities, but all share a common passion for health and wellness and a deep understanding of the benefits of a great spa experience—from choosing the right massage to post-treatment self-care. Read on to learn some of the team’s favorite tips and tricks to help you make the most of your spa experience.



Choose your ideal spa treatment:

It seems simple, yet so many of us don’t take the time to consider what type of treatment would be most beneficial for our bodies and minds. Each Tidepools treatment features therapeutic benefits that can be enjoyed by almost anyone, and each has also been created to target a specific area of need—from our restorative Tidepools Rest Massage to our hydrating and uplifting Moisture Recovery Facial. When you reserve your massage or facial be sure to consult with our spa team so we can assist you in scheduling the treatment that will best suit your needs and goals. (The spa can get busy, so it’s a good idea to reserve your treatments prior to arriving for your stay at Headlands.)

Here are a few of our guest’s favorite treatments to consider:

Tidepools Muscle Recovery Massage – ideal for individuals suffering from issues related to computer “slump,” and post-workout aches and pains. A deep-tissue massage, this treatment features anti-inflammatory arnica oil.

Head & Sole Body Treatment – helps with poor sleep, mind “chatter’” and anxiety. Our team describes this treatment as a perfectly balanced combo of hypnotic scalp massage and sleep-inducing massage for the feet and lower legs. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Tidepools Signature Glow – customized, hydrating, and age-defying; need we say more? Our esthetician Shelley suggests a 90-minute treatment to allow for an even more relaxing experience with additional facial massage time.



Make the most of your spa experience:

Arrive Early! – There’s nothing quite as frustrating as rushing to get to a relaxing spa treatment. We suggest you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your treatment so you can change into our luxuriously-comfortable robe and relax at Tidepools intimate seating area. Even better, enjoy a soak Tidepools outdoor hot tub prior to your treatment. If possible, leave your cellphone and other gadgets in your guest room or locker.

Drink Water – Anyone who has received a spa treatment has likely heard this instruction from their therapist. Drinking water is crucial to releasing toxins and preventing excess soreness. Massages are also somewhat dehydrating, and drinking extra water helps to restock up on water lost during your treatment.

Go Slow – It sounds simple, and yet so many of us are hard-wired to dive right back into our hectic pace and to-do lists! Give yourself at least an hour to soak up the restorative benefits of your blissful massage or facial treatment. It takes some time for the botanical oils and blends to sink into your skin, so it’s a good idea to avoid taking a shower or dipping into the hot tub after your massage. Ignore your cellphone if you can. Perhaps you’ll choose to extend your experience with a stop in Tidepools steam room. After your treatment you might wander back to your guest room, take a nap, have a cup of tea on your oceanfront balcony, or take a meditative walk on our endless beaches. We promise, the rewards of intentional relaxation are immense.


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