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July 2021

Situated between the Pacific Ocean and the scenic Nestucca River, Headlands Lodge has access to some of the best waterways to be found on Oregon’s North Coast. Especially during the summer and fall, our waterways offer exceptional paddling and surfing adventures.

Your best connection to watery exploration at Headlands is through our Adventure Center. Our team of Adventure Coaches are avid explorers with experience paddling in what we like to think of as our backyard waterways: Sand Lake, Whalen Island, Nestucca Bay, Little Nestucca River, and the Nestucca River. Our experienced coaches can recommend just the right waterway experience for you, help out with details such as tide times, or arrange a private guided kayak trip.



Paddling along the placid, meandering Nestucca River in your kayak or on your paddle board lets you observe the fascinating variety of wildlife along the river’s edge. Birds commonly sighted include eagles, kingfishers, and herons; deer are common too, and you may even be lucky enough to see a river otter or seal. Our Fall Coastal Reset Experience features a kayak adventure on the Little Nestucca River or Whalen Island.

Perhaps it’s surfing that calls you? Cape Kiwanda blocks much of the wind from the north, and the bay’s sandy bottom encourages waves to peel off cleanly, making the beach at Pacific City one of the best surf spots on the Oregon Coast. Paddling out in the bay on a summer day offers unparalleled views of Chief Kiawanda Rock and sightings of our visiting brown pelicans. For the surf forecast or for help scheduling a lesson with the surf instructors at our local Moment Surf Company, consult our Adventure Coaches.

Before you head out on your adventure, don’t forget to pack lunch! Meridian Restaurant & Bar’s special picnic box, “Adventure Provisions” is specifically curated for refueling after a surfing or paddling adventure.



If you plan your visit to Pacific City for September you can catch the Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic. Hosted by Moment Surf Company, this three-day surf contest showcases great surfing, local surfboard shapers, and more fun than anywhere else on the North Coast. All our rooms feature private oceanfront balconies and surf board racks. Whether you plan to paddle out and join in the competition or watch from shore, Headlands is the perfect basecamp.

Your private balcony is a great place to take your morning coffee too, or to watch the last surfers of the day as you plan your next excursion on the waterways of the North Coast.

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