June 2022


Our Adventure Coaches are avid explorers of the Oregon coast, and they thrive on connecting guests with all our surroundings have to offer. Learn more about their favorite summer adventures.

What brought you to the coast?

Zak: For me, the coast is home. It is where I was born, and it’s where I always seem to return no matter where I travel. The coastal environment here is a mix of rugged, powerful and tranquil beauty; that juxtaposition is what makes it so special to me.

Daniel: The outstanding surfing conditions on the coast is what drew me to Pacific City, but hiking, biking, and kayaking are also among my favorite coastal activities. Next to surfing, not much compares to an early morning paddle at Netarts Bay.

Katelyn: I visited Oregon a few years ago and loved it. I moved from southern Utah to be close to the ocean and experience the coast of Oregon. There are so many outdoor activities I plan to experience while I’m here.

Kyle: I moved here to surf & fish! And I get to do one or the other almost every day, if not both.

John: I was born and raised on the North Coast. After following a career inland for a number of years I knew it was time to get back to the coast and replenish the salt water in my veins.



What is your favorite way to spend your day off?

Zak: Nothing compares to a day spent outside with my friends— preferably with a dawn patrol surf session, an afternoon at the PC skatepark, and a beach bonfire in the evening.

Daniel: First, a good breakfast and followed by a morning surf session. An afternoon hike is always nice. Depending on how much time I have I’ll either go on a longer hike, maybe Cape Lookout or God’s Thumb; or if I’m up for a shorter hike and want a good workout I’ll climb the dune at Cape Kiwanda.

Katelyn: I’ve only been here a short time, but my favorite coastal adventures so far have been learning how to surf and getting to explore Pacific City’s surroundings.

Kyle: A sunrise surf session, an afternoon fishing trip and a grilled fish dinner on the beach with friends!

John: Anything outdoors—whether it’s kayaking, fishing, crabbing, clamming, foraging or a combination of any of the above!



What is your favorite Headlands adventure to take guests on?

Zak: The Knoll/Gods Thumb hike is one of my favorite hikes and the views are unparalleled. The setting in the lush green forest, the views, and the opportunity to spot whales make it a very special place to visit.

Daniel: Kayaking! Being on the water is equally fun and peaceful, plus there is a good chance of getting a closer look at wildlife that one might not be able to see otherwise from land.

Katelyn: My favorite adventure to take guests on is probably the fat tire bike excursion, it allows one to see the beach from a unique perspective while covering a lot of ground quickly.  I also love taking guests clamming at Netarts Bay. I’d never gone clamming prior to coming to the coast and now I’m a bit addicted! There’s nothing quite like getting muddy while searching for the clams.

Kyle: I agree with Daniel—I love taking guests kayaking. Nothing quite compares to the setting, and it’s always a beautiful and mellow trip.

John: If the tides and conditions are favorable, I love to take guests to my favorite clamming and kayaking spots at Netarts Bay.



Any suggestions from the team for the perfect one-day North Coast itinerary?

Daniel: I’d start with an early morning walk on the beach and if the tides are low, stop to explore the tide pools at the base of Cape Kiwanda. Then I’d enjoy a Meridian Brunch Board on my balcony.

John: Or you could join us for a morning clamming expedition if the conditions are favorable.

Zak: I’d suggest a kayak outing after breakfast. Nothing beats a morning paddle on Netarts Bay or the Nestucca River when the wind and water are still calm.

Kyle: Then a fat tire bike ride down the beach to the Nestucca Sand Spit—it’s a unique and fun way to see our coastline. You’ll be hungry after that, so lunch at Pelican Brewing Co. is a must.

Daniel: In the afternoon I’d suggest a culinary session—perhaps the PNW Seafood 101 or Mixology 101.

Zak: Or a brewery tour!

Katelyn: Then join us for an afternoon hike on our favorite route up the dune.

Kyle: Dinner at Meridian is a must.

Katelyn: And of course, end the day with a Sunset Bonfire on the Beach!

Plan your unique experience with Headlands Adventure Team—from clamming to tide pools exploration or kayak expeditions, the team can suggest, schedule, and deliver your ideal coastal adventure. For the perfect summer itinerary, check out Headland’s 3-night North Coast Summer Adventure.

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