November 2022


Whether you’re seeking an unforgettable outdoor adventure or to explore new culinary tastes and techniques, Headlands Coastal Lodge and Spa offers something for everyone this fall. Locals know that fall is one of the best times to visit the Oregon Coast, offering great weather and the same spectacular scenery with fewer crowds. Luckily, adventures abound this time of year in Pacific City — whether you explore our incredible coastal terrain or experience our unique, local bounty.

As avid explorers of the Oregon Coast year-round, Headlands Adventure Coaches love providing our guests with memorable experiences that showcase everything our surroundings have to offer. Read on to learn more about our team and everything you can experience this fall at the Headlands.

Meet Amber: Yoga, Hiking, Sunset Bonfires

What do you like most about teaching yoga?

“To share yoga with others, I feel at peace within my heart. I feel like it’s part of my inner calling to help people. After practicing yoga for nearly a decade, I’ve seen how it can positively impact other people’s lives and help them heal themselves.”

What’s special about doing yoga at the Headlands?

“Well, the Oregon coast is the perfect place to do yoga because there is already an added element of relaxation, being in nature, with the wind passing through and the sound of the waves breaking on the shore. So, it gives that added level of calm that people are wanting to bring into their lives. We can do yoga outside on the beach or indoors at our wellness studio where we have an amazing ocean view just outside the window. I enjoy showing people the beauty that is all around us here.”

What types of yoga do you offer?

“We offer a variety of different yoga classes – from restorative and slow flow yoga to vinyasa flow to Yoga Nidra meditation. There’s something for everyone.”


Meet Daniel: Fat Tire Biking, Hiking, and More

What do you love most about this area?

“I came to Pacific City because of surfing and the great outdoors. It’s just a magical spot to be. It can feel very secluded. It’s a beautiful place to surf and a very special place to adventure outdoors. I love being exposed to nature and wildlife first-hand, and there’s always new things to see, new waves to catch, and no day is the same. It’s like a giant playground where I can go hiking or kayaking or surfing, anything outdoors really. It’s the perfect place to be.”

Why should guests try fat tire biking?

“Fat tire biking is unique because you get to ride on the beach and not a lot of people have tried that in their lives. Usually, people do mountain biking or just street biking, but with fat tire bikes, you get to really explore the beach and access places that you wouldn’t be able to with a normal bike. The bikes go through any terrain, so it’s very easy to ride them – even for people who have never tried one before.”


 Meet John, Our Adventure Chef: Foraging, Clamming, Fishing, Cooking and More

What’s special about this time of year?

“Well, right now is the fall-time with mushrooms popping up all over the place, so it’s the perfect time to take guests foraging. The mushrooms in our area are so amazing and great to cook with. To me, it’s almost like fine wine. They all have a different flavor and it’s really fun to experience their distinct tastes and how they dance on your tongue.”

What do you like most about being an adventure chef?

“For me, it’s the a-ha moment when guests come from outside of the area and they have no idea what they’re getting into. I love getting to show them, from a local standpoint and perspective, what it’s all about and help them experience something they’ve never experienced before. When you see guests’ faces light up and have that great big a-ha moment that ‘wow, this place is really special,’ that’s why I do what I do.”

What’s your favorite culinary adventure to take guests on?

“One of my favorite adventures that we offer is going out and raking for steamers. What’s really cool about that is we do this in one of the most pristine bays in the area. And trust me, the steamers are some of the sweetest clams that you’ll ever have in your life. We don’t necessarily always rake for them. What’s really fun and a little bit surprising is sometimes we use our bare feet, which is a lot of fun, to be able to scoot around in the mud and to feel those clams. And then what’s really unique and very cool is we get to take them back to the Headlands, have a chef prepare them for you, have a little bit of wine, and really enjoy the Northwest bounty.”


Meet Kyle: Kayaking, Biking & Hiking

What do you love most about this area?

“Being here in Pacific City, we have such great access to the water. Outside of kayaking, I love going surfing and fishing just out in front of the hotel. In my spare time, I’ll take my kayak up the river with my dog, paddle out and go surfing with my friends in the morning, or take my boat out to Haystack Rock and go fishing. Pacific City is so special because of the access to the outdoors. It’s one of the few areas where you can go hiking, biking, and fishing and surfing all within just a walk from the hotel.”

What do you like most about being an Adventure Coach?

“Sharing the experience with guests and seeing the pure joy on someone’s face when they’re doing something for the first time. When you see someone get on the water in a kayak, paddling around, they just light up. It’s amazing to see guests act like kids again — playing in the water and splashing around, just because they’ve never been on a kayak before or didn’t realize how easy it was. Then when they see all the wildlife, it just puts a smile on people’s faces and it’s awesome.”

What can guests expect when they book an experience?

“We’ll get everything ready for them. We’ll grab one of our adventure-ready Broncos and go pick up the kayaks, lifejackets, water, and snacks. We’ll pull up to the front doors and guests don’t need to do or prepare anything. Just bring a smile and show up!”


Whether you choose to head out and explore the area or stay in for yoga, culinary, and mixology classes, our Adventure Coaches are here to help our guests make the most of the Oregon coast this fall — or any other time of year.



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