August 2021

Our team members arrive at Headlands from all over. Some are lifelong residents of the North Coast, some are drawn here by our stunning natural surroundings and endless year-round opportunities for adventure and discovery. Team members Elena, Sean, and Kylar found their way to Headlands for different reasons—including family, surfing, fishing, and the serenity of our little town. But no matter what drew them here initially, we’re glad they’ve chosen to call our special spot on the North Coast home.


Team Members:

Elena, Headlands Guest Services Manager

Sean, Server, Meridian Restaurant & Bar

Kylar, Massage Therapist & Fitness Instructor, Tidepools Spa & Wellness



What brought you to the coast?

Elena: I grew up in a small town in Colorado and spent the last 4 years working in San Diego. Recently my husband and I started looking for a new home-base and Oregon was at the top of our list. I am drawn to the mountains, my husband loves the ocean, and a place to surf was crucial; Oregon just seemed like a natural choice. While we were checking out various spots around the state, I discovered the Guest Services Manager position at Headlands; and as they say, “the rest was history!” The first time we visited Pacific City we both had huge smiles on our faces—we just knew right away that this was exactly what we had been seeking.

Sean: It’s quite simple for me—I wanted to wake up in the place I wanted to be every day. I spent a lot of my life on a coastal beach in Michigan, and it was vital for me to reclaim a piece of that lifestyle. Prior to moving here full-time, I lived in Portland, and traveled back and forth between the North Coast—particularly the Three Capes area—and Portland for over 20 years. I realized one day that I just needed to make the move. Now the toughest decision of my day revolves around what the tides are doing and what fish are running.

Kylar: I grew up in the Portland area, and in 2015 moved to Michigan. After a couple of years, I decided to return to the Oregon coast to spend some time with my mom and family. I planned to be on the coast only for a few months—yet I kept extending my time and almost 4 years later this beautiful place has become home! I really love how the energy of the ocean and natural surroundings fuel me every day. I’m also a huge fan of pickleball, yet I did not expect to be able to continue playing as much as I had in Michigan. Not long after moving here I found a group in Lincoln City that I now play regularly with. Along the way I started saving for a house and bought my first home last December. (Note from Headlands: Kylar is one of our inaugural team members! He joined us in January 2018 just prior to opening the lodge and has played an instrumental part in the creation and evolution of Tidepools Wellness offerings!)



What are your favorite coastal adventures?

Elena: While they’re not necessarily “adventures,” I’m an avid yogi and an avid baker. I start most days with a vinyasa-style yoga practice and love to bake in the evenings, I’m particularly fond of making family-recipe quick-breads and scones. My husband and I have only been in Oregon since early spring of this year and have SO much to discover still. We recently explored the South Trail at Cape Lookout and loved finding the secluded beach at the base of the winding trail. I didn’t realize what a great workout climbing back up to the trailhead would be! We love to combine camping with hiking, and we try to follow a rule that we don’t repeat old trails till we’ve visited enough new ones (knowing that could take a lifetime in this state full of amazing spots to discover!)

Sean: I spend as much time as possible on the water, particularly in the estuaries near my home. The confluence of eco-systems, wildlife that converges in the fresh and saltwater, and seasonal migration patterns of various species never cease to amaze me. I get to witness the circle of life every time I’m there and it’s impossible not to become immersed in it and feel a sense of grounded-ness. It still dumbfounds me that every day I am able to observe and experience nature in a different form. And at the same time there are daily routines and patterns that I see; for example, there is a seal hanging out in the same spot every time I visit a particular area and it’s like we just know each other now and give one another a nod hello. Sunrise is probably my favorite time of the day- watching everything come alive at first light in the estuary is pretty magical.

Kylar: Pickleball, of course! Although soccer and volleyball aren’t far behind. I started playing Pickleball in Michigan 5 years ago and got addicted quickly. When I moved to Lincoln City I found a team at the Community Center, and I’ve been playing with them ever since. I get hikes in whenever I can—two of my favorite spots are Cascade Head and Sitka Sedge State Natural Area. Cascade Head is a great work-out and the views from the top are incredible. I love to go to Sitka when I’m in need of a more mindful and meditative stroll.



Any must-visit spots or not-to-miss adventures that you’d like to share?

Elena: That’s a hard one—there’s still so much for me discover here! A sunset beach bonfire is a must, it’s a guest favorite here at Headlands and definitely a quintessential North Coast experience. I also like to suggest exploring the tide pools at the base of Cape Kiwanda. Our Adventure Coach, Taylor, leads a Tide Pools Exploration outing during low or minus tides and it’s not to be missed. When my family comes to visit, we’re going to go out in a Dory boat—it will be my first time and I can’t wait!

Sean: There’s too many! But the Oceanside – Netart’s area between Cape Meares and Cape Lookout is truly spectacular. In one afternoon, you can go clamming, hiking, beach combing, and enjoy an epic drive along the coast.

Kylar: Sitka Sedge is really such a special spot and it’s great for all ages and fitness levels. If you have the time, head south on 101 to Depoe Bay to watch the waves crash against the rocks, or continue to the north jetty in Newport. On a calm day you can go out far enough on the boulders that you feel you are just surrounded by ocean—it’ simultaneously incredibly powerful and reflective.

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