CONNECT WITH THE EXPERTS. Our Adventure Coaches came from all over to Headlands, but share a common passion for our surroundings and thrive on connecting our guests with all Pacific City and Oregon’s North Coast have to offer. Whatever you can think of, they’re up to the challenge – from beach bonfires and bird watching to crabbing and kayaking. To plan your unique experience, connect with an Adventure Coach at or call the lodge at 503.483.3000.

Our Adventure Coaches are avid explorers of the Oregon Coast and love to share their discoveries—book a private outing with your personal guide for a   trail hike, kayak trip or an adventure you design together.


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    Ryan Fox

    Ryan has a long-held love for zoology and the natural world. He has worked as a Certified Veterinary Technician, cared for the penguins at the Oregon Zoo, and travelled throughout the western states studying migratory birds. Living in Pacific City, Ryan enjoys birding at Sandlake Estuary and delights in the annual return of the California brown pelicans. When he’s not out surfing or digging clams, he’s teaching guests about the best parts about our beach, especially the tide pools, and promoting beach stewardship by cleaning up trash and heading our Barrel Bag cleanup efforts. In his free time, Ryan enjoys culinary pursuits — including crafting cocktails, baking bread, and making fermented foods. He, his wife, and their rescue beagle, Buddy, are avid explorers of the Oregon Coast, discovering its many trails, its sights, and its exceptional camping locales.

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    Emily Schouten

    Emily grew up in Southern California where she developed her deep love for the outdoors. After a childhood of road trips, family hikes, and beach weekends, she attended art school in San Francisco. Following her years of studying fine art printmaking, landscape painting, and landscape photography, she joined her mother and sister in Tillamook, Oregon. She now considers the Pacific Northwest to be the most compositionally breathtaking place she has ever lived and finds inspiration for future pieces from her time spent outdoors. Emily’s most memorable and impactful experiences come from the trips that she took as a child with her family, and although she still has a love for traveling herself, she’s now inspired to help make a dream adventure or experience become a reality for all families.

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    Michael Swamer

    Michael has been living in Oregon on and off for the last 10 years. Oregon’s outdoor offerings have continuously pulled him back from travels around the world because of its unique geography, climate, and people. He has been a life-long surfer and snowboarder, which has led him to some beautiful places in the world, but none as beautiful as Oregon. In college, he studied Geography and Photography. Maps and photographs have always been an integral part of his outdoor passions that create a sense of place for him and help reveal a story of the landscape. He is most fascinated about how a place has been shaped through time. The stories of these special places must be told because they have shaped him profoundly. Sharing these stories is an integral part of connecting people to the land, which in turn fuels a stewardship to protect these places for generations to come.

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