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March 2021

Finding time to recharge and reconnect with oneself and loved ones in the midst of deadlines and commitments can feel impossible at times; yet the benefits are innumerable when we are able to dedicate even just a few minutes to hit our own refresh button. We had a chance to catch up with our resident yoga instructor, Bobbi, and she shared one of her favorite simple yoga sequences that is ideal for those who are feeling overloaded, lack energy and sit at a desk for an extended period. The sequence can easily be done anywhere —at home or in the corner of an office, with or without props, and is beneficial any time of the day.


Pose 1

Childs Pose: 5 minutes

Physical Benefits: gently relieves neck pressure and opens the whole back and hips while stretching out shoulders, chest, arms, wrists, hands, and fingers

Emotional Benefits: alleviates mind chatter and anxiety



Pose 2

Upward Facing Dog – combined with Downward Facing Dog: 5 – 10 full breath cycles

Physical Benefits: provides a great antidote to “office-slump” while opening the lungs and heart; strengthens shoulders, triceps, forearms and low back

Emotional Benefits: relieves fatigue and energizes the body


Pose 3

Downward Facing Dog – combined with Upward Facing Dog: 5 – 10 full breath cycles

Physical Benefits: stretches out wrists and hands, lengthens hamstrings and calf muscles and elongates the spine while helping you connect to your core

Emotional Benefits: increased blood flow to the top of the head helps to improve cognition and reduce anxiety and sadness



Pose 4

Forward Fold: half a minute to a minute

Physical Benefits: relieves pent-up tension and brings length to the back, neck and spine while providing a deep shoulder and hip stretch

Emotional Benefits: promotes a soothing feeling of release and brings blood flow to the brain to support mental clarity


Pose 5

Waterfall/Legs Up the Wall Pose: 5 minutes

Physical Benefits: allows heart rate to slow, body to re-align, provides a complete break for the lower back and aids in improved digestion

Emotional Benefits: relieves tension and stress from sitting at a desk all day, helps to reduce fatigue



Reserve your Pacific Coast Getaway this spring and create a customized personal wellness retreat with Bobbi and our Tidepools Wellness and Adventure Teams. Just pack your most comfortable outfits and hiking shoes—we have all the props and supplies you’ll need for your getaway—from yoga mats and bolsters to trekking poles and binoculars. Start your day with a morning stretch atop our Great Dune. Schedule an invigorating Vinyasa class. Discover our nearby trails that wind through magical landscapes. Enjoy an afternoon watching the waves in blissful solitude from the privacy of your oceanfront balcony. Sink into an early evening restorative yoga session with time for extended sivasana. Don’t forget to reserve a rejuvenating spa treatment (or two)!

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