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May 2021

Our team members find their way to Headlands from all over and for many different reasons. For some, it’s our magical North Coast surroundings that drew them here first prior to finding a home within our Headlands Team, some were born here, and some moved to our coastal community enticed by an exciting job opportunity. Read on to learn about what inspires them, along with insider tips and suggestions for making the most of your stay on the Oregon Coast.


Team Members:

Taylor, Adventure Coach

Kait, Adventure Coach



What brought you to the coast?

Taylor: I grew up in the Midwest but was always drawn to the ocean and dreamt of living near it. I worked for the Sea Lion Project at the Alaska Sea life Center in Alaska after college then took seasonal positions on the Oregon coast the last few summers while I searched for the right spot to relocate fulltime. I am so excited to now have a permanent home here on the North Coast and at Headlands.

Kait: I was born and raised on the North Coast, in the Seaside/Cannon Beach area. I left to go to play college basketball in Washington for 3 years, then moved to Florida for a bit. I’ve never lived far from the ocean and always wanted to come back to the Oregon coast but really wanted to settle in someplace new to me.  I jumped at the opportunity to join the team at Headlands, where I get to connect with people every day and show them my amazing “backyard”.


What is your ideal day off?

Taylor: I love to maximize my time outside, and it’s a bonus if it’s a sunny day! A perfect day would be to see an awesome minus tide, go surfing, then a sunset dune hike. I started surfing since joining the Headlands Team and every time I get out on the waves, there is something new to learn.

Kait: I love to get up early for a walk on the beach, spend time doing yoga and stretching, and cook some crab eggs benedict with local crab and homemade hollandaise sauce like Grandma Muriel made. Then an afternoon spent boogie boarding followed by a late afternoon bonfire really makes it my idea of a perfect day off.



What is your favorite Headlands Adventure to take guests on?

Taylor: Tide pooling! From a marine science perspective, I am constantly intrigued by the tide pools and there isn’t much I enjoy more than sharing my love with guests. It opens their eyes to a brand-new world while also reminding folks of our collective responsibility to care for our planet and its inhabitants.  Come join me for a Tide Pools Exploration Tour!

Kait: Taking guests clamming. This is such an authentic and fun Oregon coast experience, and I thoroughly enjoying introducing guests to the outing. Theres nothing like going out into the pristine bay and getting your feet muddy while foraging for clams. Being able to come back and connect with one another while enjoying our harvest makes it even more special.


What is something someone shouldn’t miss when visiting Headlands?

Taylor: Climb up the Great Dune at Cape Kiwanda, preferably early in the morning or just before sunset. People underestimate how challenging it is and are surprised by the amazing the views. I love hearing from guests “I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to the top and I’m so glad I did!”

Kait: Connect with our team members! I have learned so much about our coastal community since I joined this team. We come from all over but share a common love of the North Coast. Talk to a team member at Meridian and they’ll share their secret place for a beach walk or learn from a Welcome Desk Agent where to find the best agates after a storm.

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