Make your stay truly memorable with one of our unique packages. For each of these packages we started with one of our beautifully appointed guest rooms and then added exclusive activities, amenities and gifts to engage our guests in coastal experiences that are just right for their individual tastes. Can’t decide which one to select? It’s the perfect reason to come back and visit again soon.

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  1. North Coast Reprieve

    This Season, discover your favorite way to pass a winter night on the wild Pacific coast. We have partnered with Washington’s Reininger Winery to help provide the perfect setting. You’ll find a bottle of Reininger limited production Helix Cabernet Franc and special Riedel-made wine glasses awaiting your arrival. Toast to a day of adventuring and uncovering hidden beach trails, or an evening spent watching the dramatic seascape of winter storms from the cozy perch of your private oceanfront balcony. Your package includes an invitation and special tasting coupon to visit Reininger Winery at its beautiful home in Walla Walla, Washington.

  2. Head & Sole for Two

    After a day of exploring our extraordinary natural surroundings head to Tidepools Spa and discover the benefits of our Head and Sole treatment. One of our favorite spa experiences, Head and Sole combines a deeply relaxing scalp massage with revitalizing foot therapy–the perfect duo to promote blissful rest. Your package includes Mighty Mint Rescue Cream, the ideal post–hike  remedy, and a copy of the bestselling book Blue Mind to take home.

  3. Bed, Breakfast And Beach

    Make it easy to ready yourself for a winter’s day on the Oregon Coast with a delicious breakfast at Meridian Restaurant & Bar. Whether you plan a day of renewal at Tidepools Spa & Wellness Center or a day of adventure spent discovering the wonders of the North Coast, Meridian’s exceptional menu and stunning views promise to fortify your spirit for whatever aways!

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